Android: Animating adding and removing from a recycler view

Recycler views animate the adding and removing of elements automatically. Let's say you have a standard recyclerview like one we created in a previous post.

Ensure the row data, ArrayList<String> stringList for example, is passed in as a recycler adapter constructor parameter. The size of the recycler adapter should be from that row data.

Now, outside the recycler view, you can add and remove from stringList via the standard methods, stringList.remove(0) and stringList.add(0, "new data").

On addition, run yourAdapater.notifyItemInserted(0) so it knows to animation insertion. You also need to scroll to that item, else it will just be inserted about the current item, which may be the top item: yourRecyclerView.scrollToPosition(0).

On deletion, it's simpler. Just do: yourAdapter.notifyItemRemoved(0). No need to scroll anywhere, this time.

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