Android: Databinding and ViewPagers

Once you have a data binding, you will want to use it with a ViewPager eventually.

The ViewPager inflates layouts. But if you want to inflate layouts with the <data></data> section under a <layout> tag, you must change your layout inflation code.

In instantiateItem():

YourLayout layout = DataBindingUtil.inflate(LayoutInflater.from(MainActivity.this), "R.layout.your_layout", container, false);
// Set your databinding up here
return layout.getRoot();

The getRoot() method is there because data binding won't return the actual layout, but the binding. But getRoot() will give you the layout.

If you have dynamic layouts, i.e. it's not always "R.layout.your_layout", then you won't always return YourLayout. You can instead return a ViewDataBinding.

But the problem with the above is now you can't bind variables to that Binding, instead you'll have to cast it to the appropriate generated class:

if(layouts[position]==R.layout.some_layout) {
  SomeLayoutBinding slb = DataBindingUtil.bind(db.getRoot());
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