Android: Creating icons with imagemagick

If you have an image, and you want to convert it to the sizes for an icon, such as the one for the actionbar, this will work:

Move 'yourimage.png' into your res/ folder

convert yourimage.png -resize 48x48 drawable-mdpi/yourimage.png
convert yourimage.png -resize 72x72 drawable-hdpi/yourimage.png
convert yourimage.png -resize 96x96 drawable-xhdpi/yourimage.png
convert yourimage.png -resize 144x144 drawable-xxhdpi/yourimage.png

Here's a bash script that does the conversion, call it via "bash 72 yourimage.png youroutputimage.png" where 72 is the size you want the xxhdpi image.

echo Converting $2 into $3 into the drawable directories.

function float_eval()
    local stat=0
    local result=0.0
    if [[ $# -gt 0 ]]; then
        result=$(echo "scale=$float_scale; $*" | bc -q 2>/dev/null)
        if [[ $stat -eq 0  &&  -z "$result" ]]; then stat=1; fi
    echo $result
    return $stat

m=$(float_eval "$1 / 3")
h=$(float_eval "$1 / 2")
x=$(float_eval "$1 / 1.5")
xx=$(float_eval "$1")

convert $2 -resize ${m}x${m} drawable-mdpi/$3
convert $2 -resize ${h}x${h} drawable-hdpi/$3
convert $2 -resize ${x}x${x} drawable-xhdpi/$3
convert $2 -resize ${xx}x${xx} drawable-xxhdpi/$3
android unix unix-imagemagick

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