Android: Upload to HockeyApp on every Travis-CI build

I assume you have setup HockeyApp, that you have setup Travis-CI and that you have a build which is signed with a constant keystore signature.

If our build is created by the above link, we will need the CI_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD environmental variable to sign the build. Go to your application settings in Travis-CI and create the environmental variable. (Ensure you have not toggled "display value in build log" for privacy)

Now go to account settings on the HockeyApp site, and then click API Tokens and create one with upload access to your application. With that, go to your application on Travis-CI and add another environmental variable, HOCKEYAPP_TOKEN.

Now we have HOCKEYAPP_TOKEN available in our Travis-CI environment, we can add a curl command to our .travis.yml script section to upload our signed build to HockeyApp:

  - >
    -F "status=2"
    -F "notify=1"
    -F "notes=Some new features and fixed bugs."
    -F "notes_type=0"
    -F "ipa=@app/build/outputs/apk/YOUR_SIGNED_BUILD.apk"
    -H "X-HockeyAppToken: $HOCKEYAPP_TOKEN"

Now on every build, we'll upload the APK to HockeyApp, using our HOCKEYAPP_TOKEN, for distribution to our testers.

Note: We are not automatically updating the android versionCode, although putting versionCode System.getenv("TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER") as Integer ?: 999 will do that, and the version notes are static, which we can approach in another tutorial.

travis-ci hockeyapp android

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