Ant: Calling targets and Inheritance

You can call other targets using antcall:

 <target name="thetarget">
    <antcall target="atarget" />
    <antcall target="anothertarget" />

You can also perform inheritance from imported build files: If you have an ant build file, build.xml, that imports another i.e.

  <import file="/dir/another_build_file.xml" />

And another_build.file.xml has a target name 'android_rules' and a target 'debug' like so:

 <project name="android_rules" default="debug">
   <target name="debug">

Then in your build.xml file you can inherit 'debug' from the other build file by referencing android_rules.debug:

 <target name="debug" extends="android_rules.debug">

If you use android_rules.debug in antcall tasks too.

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