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Android: Fragments: adding new ones via FragmentManager

FragmentManager will allow us add, replace, fragments, control and listen on a fragment’s back stack, find a fragment by id or tag.
We’ll use it to add one. First create an empty ViewGroup in our layout file.
<FrameLayout android:id=”@+id/frag_container1”

Then in the onCreate() method of our FragmentActivity call up a FragmentManger, call up a FragmentTransaction to add a new fragment, create a new Fragment (the same we created last tutorial), then add and commit the change.
FragmentManager fragManager = getSupportFragmentManager();
FragmentTransaction fragTransaction = fragManager.beginTransaction();
OtherFragments f = new OtherFragments();
fragTransaction.add(R.id.frag_container2, f);

Now our new Fragment will reside in the ViewGroup we created.
If you add it with add(fragment, string) you add a new fragment without a UI. The string is a tag that you can use to get access to it again, via the FragmentManager.

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