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  1. Gradle: Generate POM file etc with the maven plugin

Gradle: Generate POM file etc with the maven plugin

The maven plugin lets us install a maven package, the pom file etc, to a repository. The default repository is our local file system.

Let's say we're building a Java project, here's the build script. It's as normal, except for the archivesBaseName, group and version.

apply plugin: 'java'
apply plugin: 'maven'

repositories {

dependencies {

archivesBaseName = 'jersey-json-wadl'
group = 'com.newfivefour'
version = '0.0.1'

Now if we do ./gradew install (I'm assuming you're using the gradle wrapper), it will install this to ~/.m2/repository/com/newfivefour/jersey-json-wadl/0.0.1/.

Within that directory you'll have your POM file and the generated JAR. In the directory above that, there's a maven-metadata-local.xml file that documents the versions and last updated time amoung other things.

If you run ./gradlew install again with a new version attribute, you'll get a new directory above, this time named 0.0.2 for example.

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