CSS: Bottom sheet using flexbox and css transition

We'll create two divs. The first one will have a lot of content. The second will have little.

When you click on the second it will animate itself to take up most of the space.

Here is the basic layout:

<div class="main" style="height: 100%;">
  <div id="top" class="big" style="background-color: blue; overflow: hidden;">
    <div>I read</div>
    <div>the news</div>
    <div>today. </div>
    <div>Oh boy.</div>
    <div>A thou-</div>
    <div>-sand holes</div>
    <div>in Black-</div>
    <div>-burn Lan-</div>
    <div>-ca shire.</div>
  <div id="bottomsheet" class="small" style="background-color: orange; overflow: hidden;">
    Bottom sheet

The divs have overflow: hidden css attributes so we can resize their height regardless of their content.

Let's now give our div a flexbox display, with the column direction. The big and small css classes will say that the first div will take up 80% and the second will take up 20%:

  .main {
    display: flex;
    flex-direction: column;
  .small {
    flex-basis: 20%;
  .big {
    flex-basis: 80%;

We'll now have a 80/20 height ratio between our two divs. Now let's use the javascript (which you must put after your body's content) to swap those dimensions via swapping the css big and small classes:

  document.querySelector("#bottomsheet").addEventListener("click", function() { 
    var small = document.querySelector(".small").classList;
    var big = document.querySelector(".big").classList;

This all works wonderfully, but there's no smooth animation. Let's fix that by saying both the big and small css classes will involve a ease-in-out transition on the flex-basis attribute that will take 0.3 seconds:

.small, .big {
  transition-timing-function: ease-in-out;
  transition: flex-basis 0.3s;

And voila.


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