Eclipes shortcuts

Shortcuts! I'm using Eclipse Juno in case that matters

Changing file / view / perspective

 Ctrl+Shift+R: Quickly open a file in the workspace with autocomplete
 Ctrl+E: Quickly change to an open file with autocomplete
 Ctrl+F7: Quickly change / activate a view (Editor, package inspector, etc)
 Ctrl+F8: Quickly change perspective
 Alt+(left/right): Go to previous / former position or file.

Navigating source code

 F3: Go to definition of method under the cursor
 Ctrl+O: Show the class overview, with autocomplete
 (pressing it again shows the inherited methods) 


 Ctrl+1: Open the quick refactoring menu
 Ctrl+Alt+R: Rename a method / variable
 Ctrl+Alt+M: Move the highlighted code out into an extracted method
 Ctrl+Alt+L: Refactor selected text into a local variable
 Ctrl+Alt+O: Organise imports (delete unused etc)


 Ctrl+Shift+B: Add a breakpoint to the current line
 F11: Debug last thing debugged
 F5: Step into method (while debugging)
 F6: Step over line (while debugging)
 F8: Resume (while debugging)


 Ctrl+F11: Run the previous thing which we ran  
 (must set in Preferences -> Run/Debug -> Always launch previously launched activity)

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