Golang regex: Replace and split

You can use the ReplaceAllString methods to replace a string, and manipulate groups if needed.

    rp := regexp.MustCompile("([a-z]+) ([a-z]+)")
    rp.ReplaceAllString("abc def ghi", "$2 $1") // "def abc ghi"

$1 relates to the first group match, and $2 the same. You could just enter text to replace the entireity of the "abc def" string.

ReplaceAllLiteralString allows you to interpret the dollar sign literally.

You can also use a function to do the replacement. You cannot use a groups here, however, as of 1.1.1 anyway.

    rp.ReplaceAllStringFunc("abc def", func(s string) string {
            if(s=="abc") {
                    return "HA"
            return s        
    }) // "HA def"

You can split a string using the Split method. The second integer argument is the number of splits to perform. -1 means as many as possible.

    rp = regexp.MustCompile("a")
    i := rp2.Split("zzzzazzzzz", -1) // ["zzzz", "zzzz"]
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