Golang: Type conversion and type methods

You can convert one basic type to another similar type with possible loss of accuracy using:

            f := 234.234
            i := int64(f) // We're losing the decimals here

This will also work for strings and []byte, etc. They have to be similar types. Converting a string to an int will produce a compilation error.

To convert dissimilar types (i.e. interface{} and anything else) we use type assertions. We'll talk about them in the next post.

You can convert to and from custom types of the same type.

            type customslice []string
            realslice := []string(customslice{"one", "two"})    // convert from custom type to a basic type
            cs customslice = customslice([]string{"one", "two"}) // convert from a basic type to a custom type

The customslice(...) was redundant, however, since golang will automatically recognise they're the same type.

For example: if you have a function that takes in either a 'customslice' or a []string then you can pass either a customslice or []string to either.

            Thing(customslice{"one", "two"}) // Works
            Thing([]string{"one", "two"})    // Works

            func Thing(s customslice) {

            OtherThing(customslice{"one", "two"}) // Works
            OtherThing([]string{"one", "two"})    // Works

            func OtherThing1(s []string) {

You often want to convert to function to a type to gain its methods.

            hf := http.HandlerFunc(func(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request) {

Your anonymous function is now of the type http.HandlerFunc. This type has the ServeHTTP method (http://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#HandlerFunc).

This means your anonymous function can be used anywhere a http.Handler -- http://golang.org/pkg/net/http/#Handler -- is needed. This is because both the HandlerFunc and Handler define the same methods.

(You couldn't directly convert to a http.Handler, since http.Handler is of the type interface - not function. More on interfaces later.)


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