Gradle: Production resource files

Unlike Gradle's Android plugin, there doesn't seem (as of 1.10) a great way to specify production, or any other type, of resources.

There may be a better way, but simply specifying an additional resources directory works.

For instance, say your directory structure is:


Then when you compile, the files in src/main/resources/ will be copied to, in the case of WAR files, WEB-INF/classes/.

However, if you also have an additional directory


And specify in your build.gradle file to include both the resources directory (in this case when -PPRODUCTION is passsed to Gradle, -P is for project variable)

if(project.hasProperty('PRODUCTION')) {
        sourceSets.main.resources.srcDirs 'src/main/resources', 'src/prod/resources'

Then gradle will place the resources in src/prod/resources in your, again in the case of WAR files, in WEB-INF/classes/, thereby overwriting the src/main/resources files.


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