Java: Using autovalue

Google's AutoValue helps us create a Java builder, amongst other things.
Let's first include it in our build.gralde:

implementation "com.google.auto.value:auto-value-annotations:1.6.1"
annotationProcessor 'com.google.auto.value:auto-value:1.6.1'

Then use the @AutoValue annotation on our abstract POJO with abstract methods.
And @AutoValue.Builder on a static abstract inner class that has abstract setters and a build method.

public abstract class SomePOJO {
    public abstract String name();
    public abstract int age();

    public abstract static class Builder {
        public abstract SomePOJO build();
        public abstract Builder name(String name);
        public abstract Builder age(int age);

    public static SomePOJO build() {
        return new AutoValue_SomePOJO.Builder()

We can then use the generated AutoValue_SomePOJO object to use the Builder class and methods.
If we pass null into any of the setters, Auto throws an IllegalStateException and tells us what we're missing.

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