Java: Testing a REST service with a clean database (using sqlite)

You can test REST responses like so with Jersey's client api.

	YourResponseObject result = service
		.put(YourResponseObject.class, yourInputObject);


But your responses may depend on the state of your database.

And since you're not running your tests from a WAR, or what have you, you have no direct access to populate its seed or delete it.

The best way to do this is to create a rest method to clear the database to use during development, and remove in production.

The method to delete the database would look like:

	EntityTransaction trans = mEntityManager.getTransaction();
	Query q = mEntityManager.createQuery("delete from UserEntity");

It may be possible access the JPA database if the tests are run in a WAR, but I haven't tried that. Any experience would be welcomed in the comments.

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