Java velocity

This is a tempting engine. After including the jar, and one comes with all its dependencies, you can first make a data object.

	public class TestDataClass {
		private String oneValue = "One value";
		private String anotherValue = "Another value";
		public String getOneValue() {
			return oneValue;
		public void setOneValue(String value) {
			oneValue = value;

Then add it to a VelocityContext. Make a StringWriter. And InputStreamReader from a file in your /res/ directory with the .vm file.

	TestDataClass data = new TestDataClass();
	VelocityContext con = new VelocityContext();
	con.put("data", data);
	StringWriter writer = new StringWriter(); 
	Reader isr = new InputStreamReader(getClass().getResourceAsStream("/res/output.vm"));
	Velocity.evaluate(con, writer, "", isr);

The /res/output.vm is

	#set($hihi = "hihi" )
	Oh my god a value: $data.oneValue Something defined here: $hihi

This is defining a whole new variable, hihi. And loading the oneValue from the data object. See for its full capabilities, which are a lot more than shown here.

The final printLn statement will print the template with the values added.

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