JS: Simple dependency injection for unit testing with destructing assignment

With destruction object assignment and default values you can easily implement dependency injection.

We can use default values easily in ES2015:

var func = function(a, b = "second parameter") {
   console.log(a, b)
func("first parameter")

This would print first parameter second parameter. And we could use this default parameter to pass in our dependency:

var getFromServer = function(url, _di_fetch = fetch) {

Then we could test the function by passing in a fake fetch as the second parameter. But we would have to know the order of parameters to use dependency injection.

We can use destructing object parameters to get around this:

var getFromServer = function({url, _di_fetch = fetch}) {
getFromServer({url: "https://newfivefour.com:3000/id?id=E14000874"})

We now name the parameters and simply don't name the dependency injection parameter to get the default value.

We can test it as thus:

let fakeFetch = url => console.log(`The fake fetch has been passed ${url}`)
getFromServer({url: "www.google.com", _di_fetch: fakeFetch})

And now it will print The fake fetch has been passed www.google.com.

You can also place all your depenencies in one place if you do:

import di_container from './di_container.mjs'
var getFromServer = function({url, _di_fetch = di_container.fetch}) {

This is a dependency injection solution rather than a full testing solution but it can be integrated into such with ease.


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