Jetty 9: Enabling SSL in Embedded Jetty

First create a HttpConfiguration with a HTTP configuration that explains its secure scheme and port:

HttpConfiguration http_config = new HttpConfiguration();

Then we'll create another HttpConfiguration for https that extends from the above but adds a SecureRequestCustomizer

HttpConfiguration https_config = new HttpConfiguration(http_config);
https_config.addCustomizer(new SecureRequestCustomizer());	        

Next create a SslContextFactory that points to your Java keystore

SslContextFactory sslContextFactory = new SslContextFactory("/its_dir/cert.keystore");

Note you can prefix the password with OBF: if you're going to use the Jetty obfuscated password.
Next we're creating the ServerConnector, passing in the Server class, a SslConnectorFactory and a HttpConnectionFactory.

ServerConnector httpsConnector = new ServerConnector(server, 
		new SslConnectionFactory(sslContextFactory, "http/1.1"),
		new HttpConnectionFactory(https_config));

Finally use this connector, maybe along with a normal Http ServerConnector, to the Server.

server.setConnectors(new Connector[]{ httpsConnector });

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