Makefile basics

A makefile is a list of commands and their dependencies. This makefile will have two commands: all and clean.

The makefile command's first line will state command's name and dependencies. The second will issue the commands. The second must be prefixed by a tab.

For each dependency, it looks up another command. Example: were there a file.o dependency, it would look up a file.o command, but if it can't be found it looks for an file named file.o.

% before text will specify a wildcard. The command %o: %.c matches any command ending with a o and its dependencies are any file ending with a c. main.o would match.

$< specifies whatever was the dependency. So in all: main.c, $< would refer to main.c.

At the top of the file the key values are the constants in the file. They are accessed via $(NAME) later.


	gcc -o $(PROG) $(LIBS) $(OBJS)
	gcc $(CFLAGS) -c $<
	rm -rf $(PROG) $(OBJS)

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