Maven p14: Command line archetypes

Instead of making a maven project manually, as in part 1, you can use the mvn command line to create something automatically.

	mvn archetype:create -DgroupId=org.denevell.maventest -DartifactId=simple -DpackageName=org.denevell.maventest

The archetype:create is a 'goal'. That is, it's saying create a simple java project. You can have many different types of goals, android, war etc, etc.


Is the group name that this project will have within maven. When you want to call this project as a depedency, you need to use that.


This is the name of the project, and subsequently the folder name.


This is the class name that will be given to the sample java project maven will create.

Now maven has created you a pom file, a source code directory and a test directory.


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