Maven p17: Resources

You can add resources in both main and test in your project. Add a text file in src/main/resources. Then you can access that via

	Reader ios = new InputStreamReader(getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("file.txt"));		
	String s = IOUtils.toString(ios);

This is because the file.txt will be in target/classes/ now

In your test directory, you can put different resources there. A file in src/test/resources/ can be accessed via similar methods, but this time in the test java files.

You can also filter these resource files. That is, define a filter, which is a key value type file, which will be used to replace values in the resource file. Here's the in src/main/filters

Here's a test.xml in src/main/resources


Now in our POM we need to define that the xml will be filtered


If you mvn package this application the process-resources phase will be run, and you'll get this XML file in your target/classes/test.xml


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