Nvim: Externally update a buffer keeping scroll position using msgpack and Python

Let's say you want to see the changes in a buffer, changes made externally, without pressing anything in nvim, while keeping your scroll position.

You can use the msgpack api using Python to send a load of text to the buffer.

First here's the python code to attach to your running nvim instance, with the socket name you got from running echo $NVIM_LISTEN_ADDRESS in nvim:

from neovim import attach; 
nvim = attach("socket", path="YOUR ADDRESS HERE");

Now let's get the current line number--using the vim function line--for the top of the screen and where the cursor is:


Now let's delete the entire buffer, ending up in insert mode (\033 means press escape):


Finally let's return to the position we were in:


But we still haven't inserted the text, which we would do before the previous line above.

Let's use the command line to cat a file, and send it to our python code via xargs:

cat YOURFILE | xargs -d '\003' -I {} python3 -c \
'from neovim import attach; nvim = attach("socket", path="YOUR ADDRESS HERE"); \
 current=nvim.funcs.line("."); \
 top=nvim.funcs.line("w0"); \ 
 nvim.input("\033ggVGdi"); \ 
 nvim.input("""{}"""); \

And voila. You obviously need some way to run the above command automatically, but putting it in a thread waiting for a file to change is fairly trivial.


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