React: Custom hooks

Custom hooks are used to reuse logic. If you understand setState and useEffect then custom hooks are nothing special. Let's create one. They're just normal functions. They return a value too.

In our custom hook, we'll use useEffect to run a setTimeout when the component is rendered. It will set some state after a specified timeout. Therefore whatever uses this custom hook refuses this logic.

function useTimeout(timeout) {
  var timeoutHandler
  const [text, setText] = useState("Waiting...")
  useEffect(() => {
    timeoutHandler = setTimeout(() => setText("Waited!"), timeout)
    return () => {
  return text

We can now refuse this logic in any component. For example:

function App () {
  const text = useTimeout(1000)
  return (

The {text} will change after one second from Waiting... to Waited!. There are better use cases.


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