Swift 3 and RxSwift: Wrapping a URLRequest in RxSwift.

Let's assume we have request called r, let's first create an Observable:

let ob:Observable<Something> = Observable.create { observer in
    let task = URLSession.shared.dataTask(with: r) { data, response, error in 
    return Disposables.create {
.subscribeOn(ConcurrentDispatchQueueScheduler(globalConcurrentQueueQOS: .background))

We're starting the task in our observable, and returning a Disposable that simply cancels our task. And we're subscribing the a scheduler suitable for background tasks, and observing in our main thread.

These are the bare bones of our RxSwift stuff, but we're not actually doing anything with the task, we're not returning either onNext or an error. Let's do that:

if let e = error {
} else if let r = response as? HTTPURLResponse {
    if(r.statusCode >= 200 && r.statusCode < 300) {
        if let d = data {
            observer.onNext(Response(data: d, response: r))
        } else {
            observer.onNext(Response(data: Data(), response: r))
    } else {
        observer.onError(ResponseError(data: Data(), response: r))
} else {
    observer.onError(ResponseError(data: Data(), response: HTTPURLResponse()))

Firstly, we're looking for an error, and if there's one, we return that, otherwise if we have a response, we look at the status codes, and return as appropriate.

Response and ResponseError are simple data objects, and you probably want to do something with Observable.onComplete.

This is mostly stolen from [here] (https://medium.com/@gonzalezreal/consuming-web-services-with-swift-and-rx-71b87b0f9a4e#.o2sjtb6jd).

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