Swift 3: Optional, nil and null and chanining

You can wrap a normal variable, like a string etc, in an optional by adding an question mark to the type: var s:String? = "hi".

Even if you, or something else, sets this to nil (there is no null in swift) then your program won't crash when you access s.

You can check this is nil or not via if s == nil { ... }. Note, s is stil is an Optional. To unpack it, to access the string, use s!.

To automatically unpack it in an if loop, use let: if let u = s { print(u) } . And we only go in the if body if s is not nil.

Probably the best thing about this is Optional chanining. Assume we have a class athing with a method thing:

var opt:athing?
opt = nil

In this case, swift checks if opt is nil, finds it is, and then doesn't bother calling thing.

swift swift-optional

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