A simple markdown blog using three lines of bash

Imagine you've got a load of markdown files such as post1.md etc.

And that you have a command, markdown, that converts markdown to html. (This exists: look it up).

This will convert all your markdown files to HTML and put them in a directory called tmp which you will have to create.

for i in `ls *.md`; do    markdown $i > tmp/`basename $i .md`.html; done

Now this next command will surround all your new HTML files with a <div class='entry'> tag and output the whole lot into entries.html.

ls tmp/* | xargs -n 1 awk 'BEGIN {print "<div class=\"entry\">" } {print $0} END {print "</div>"}' > entries.html

Finally create a template.html file with the lines <!-- insert here --> somewhere in the middle.

Then this final command will insert everything in entries.html into your template.html file and output the result into a new file, index.html

sed -e '/<!-- insert here/r entries.html' template.html > index.html
unix bash

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