Vim: Left hand, index finger, across, jump to next match, percentage sign

On your left hand, on the number line, using your index finger, if you move one key to the right, you get %. (Or 5 if you don't press shift).

The key before is $. A percentage tip of the money. You have a money sign, then the percentage sign.

In vim % jumps to the next match of an item. An item is an item used in programming, normally: parentheses, curly brackets, square brackets.


if(hi) {
  var i = 0;

If you're on the first column of the first line, % will match the first parenthesis, and so jump to the closing parenthesis. If you hit % again then it jumps to the first parenthesis.

Move past the last parenthesis, and % will match the opening curly brackets and so jump to the closing curly bracket. % again will jump to the opening curly bracket.

The % sign is used in programming to calculate the remainder. 2 % 2 is zero. 3 % 2 is one.

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